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The Christmas countdown..

So, the Christmas countdown has begun! With only 5 weeks to go.. we thought, what better time of the year to give a countdown of the 5 Interior styles, put together by us!

Number 1 in our countdown is;

1. Classic contemporary

What is classic contemporary?

Well, Classic contemporary can be a mixture of Art deco, Hotel design, Asian, Regency and Transitional.

Its a very soft palette of sophisticated hues with glossy finishes and luxurious textiles. It's a mix of formal yet comfortable shapes and layering textures with a strong sense of symmetry.

Art deco: the predominant decorative art style of the 1920s and 1930s, characterised by precise and bold geometric shapes and strong colours and used most in household objects and architecture.


Asian Interior design is about creating a positive flow and a harmonious space, with careful consideration to furniture placement. Largely incorporating hand made and painted furniture pieces; paired with a blend of neutral, bright and metallic colours.

Below, a recent Classic contemporary design of our own..

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